PROC TRANSPOSE is an extremely powerful tool for making long files wide, and wide files less wide or long, but getting it to do what you need often involves a lot of time, effort, and a substantial knowledge of SAS® functions and data step processing.


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– Reeza Apr 9 '17 at 20:18 2019-06-03 · You can use PROC TRANSPOSE or the SAS DATA step to convert the data from wide form to long form. When the data are in the long format, you use a single SERIES statement and the GROUP=VarName option to plot the three groups of lines. 1. Transposing one group of variables. For a data set in wide format such as the one below, we can reshape it into long format using proc transpose.From the first output of proc print, we see that the data now is in long format except that we don’t have a numeric variable indicating year; instead; we have a character variable that has information on year in it. Learn how to turn a wide format dataset into a long format dataset in SAS using data steps.

• Different analyses may need different data formats. • Stata has a built-in command called “reshape” to change the data structure, but SAS needs to use array to do so. For example, the first time through the DO loop the statement is understood by SAS to be: howFAR(1) = howFar(1) * 1.609 ; The second time through the DO loop the statement is understood by SAS to be: howFAR(2) = howFar(2) * 1.609 ; Output produced by Step 4 (Print the dataset distancesInKM to see the distances as they have been The following SAS code will “switch” the data to long format and store it as a temporary file.


PROC TRANSPOSE statement in SAS is explained below with which we have depicted an example to reshape table from Long to wide in SAS. Another example to reshape to wide to long in SAS is shown below. Syntax – PROC TRANSPOSE During each iteration, SAS uses the name of the array and the value of I to reference a specific element or variable in each array. During the first iteration, the SAS statement uses Rev1 and Exp1 and uses them to calculate the net income and assign that value to Net_Inc1.

2014-09-21 · 3 proc transpose in SAS for long and wide format conversion data samp; input row subject $ treatment $ pc20; cards; 1 1 R1 3.23515672 2 1 R2 4.14426184 3 1 R3 5.85422186 4 1 T 4.40670538 5 2 R1 -0.04801373 6 2 R2 3.47731900 7 2 R3 2.88554550 8 2 T 2.44074469

Sas long to wide array

Re: Long to wide Array. It doesn't work because an array index, the part between the {}, can't be a character. You need to figure out a way to convert usage_type into a number that corresponds to variable location in the array. In reshaping the data from long to wide, we will create six new variables: faminc96, faminc97, faminc98, spend96, spend97 and spend98. The six variables are listed on both the keep and the retain statements. Following the same logic as in the previous example, we include an array statement to define the variables spend96, spend97 and spend98.

Sas long to wide array

The six variables are listed on both the keep and the retain statements.
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Sas long to wide array

You need to figure out a way to convert usage_type into a number that corresponds to variable location in the array.

This tutorial explains how to reshape data by converting multiple variables from long format to wide format. This tutorial explores 'Double Transpose' SAS method which is used to transpose multiple variables.
Reflektera över hur den rådande människosynen kunde spegla uppfattningen om funktionsnedsättningar.

Sas long to wide array

a non-indexed array. All arrays are set up and accessed only within a DATA step. The syntax for an indexed array is as follows: ARRAY arrayname {n} [$] [length] list_of_array_elements; where ARRAY is a SAS keyword that specifies that an array is being defined arrayname a valid SAS name that is not a variable name in the data set.

SAS also provides a querying language called SQL which can perform table lookup but Define a temporary array to hold the district wide median scores: three categories: small, medium, or large (coded 1, 2, o 24 Jan 2008 ARRAYS. 12.